Small Claims in the Civil Resolution Tribunal

The civil resolution tribunal has jurisdiction over small claims matters where the claim does not exceed $5,000.

This can include monetary claims relating to:

  1. Breach of contract
  2. Repayment of loans
  3. Wrongful dismissal and employment claims
  4. ICBC claims under $5,000
  5. Construction disputes

Claims must be brought within 2 years of the claim arising.

Claims exceeding $5,000 but less than $35,000 must be brought in the BC Provincial Court Small Claims. Claims exceeding $35,000 must be brought in BC Supreme Court.

Except in special circumstances, the civil resolution tribunal does not let you have a lawyer represent you in proceedings before it (section 20 of CRTA). However, you may need a lawyer to assist you in some circumstances.

You should consider first talking with a lawyer to determine:

  1. How much your claim is worth
  2. The applicability of any limitation periods to your claim
  3. The jurisdiction of the CRT relating to your claim

You can ask the civil resolution tribunal for an exception to be represented. They will only allow you a representative in exceptional circumstances (The Owners, Strata Plan NW 2575 v Booth, 2018 BCSC 1605).

The first stage of using the civil resolution tribunal online interface involves completing the solution explorer. Once you make a claim, the CRT will attempt you assist you to negotiate a solution. If that is unsuccessful, the claim gets referred to a dispute resolution facilitator. Finally, if the dispute remains unresolved, it proceeds to the adjudication stage where a decision is made by a civil resolution tribunal adjudicator.

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